Greedy Gull Game

Early prototype of the Greedy Gull game created in Java using the LibGDX framework.


Platform: PC/Android

Application: Eclipse/LibGDX

Language: Java

Team Size: 1

Created: 2015

Greedy Gull is a top down scrolling shooter where the player guides the seagull along a beach hitting as many targets as they can until their stamina runs out. The primary goal is to reach the highest score possible which is gained with each target hit. Upon a completed round the player is awarded skill points based on their score to upgrade the gull’s persistent stats that are carried over to subsequent games. This persistent improvement makes surpassing the high scores more frequent and adds another goal of upgrading the gull. It draws primary influences from classic arcade shooters.

The prototype will be rebuilt within Unity and released in the near future by Greedy Gull Studios.

GitHub Repository:

Project Documentation:


MatejNavara_GreedyGull-v1.0(desktop).zip (Desktop executable Jar version)
MatejNavara_GreedyGull-v1.0(android).zip (Android APK version)


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