Procedural Puzzle Level Generation

Final year project for Computer Science (Games) BSc Hons at the University of Brighton. Developed using Unity and C#/Javascript.


Platform: PC/HTML5

Application: Unity

Language: C#/Javascript

Team Size: 1

Created: 2015

Within this project I aim to create a dynamically generated puzzle level within an industry standard game engine. Upon each play-through the layout of the level and the placement of puzzles will be different with potentially limitless possibilities.

Throughout the project I encountered new challenges and was motivated to overcome these to meet the desired outcome. I was aware of the potential scope of the project and worked hard to ensure feasibility of every aspect to be implemented. This was achieved through extensive research which I believe greatly benefited the outcome of the project. By reading numerous academic papers and empirical studies I gained a far greater comprehension of my subject area. With a solid foundation of understanding I was able to maintain focus on the core direction and identify potential scope creep. Many expandable elements could have resulted in increasing scope which I am proud to have avoided while still conserving the fundamental aspects I set out to achieve.


MatejNavara_PPLF-v1.0(x86).zip (32-bit version)
MatejNavara_PPLF-v1.0(x64).zip (64-bit version)

Alternatively if your browser supports Unity WebGL:

Play in Browser HERE!


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