Super Awesome Line Game

The first published Android app from our Greedy Gulls Studio. Developed in Java using the LibGDX framework.


Platform: Android

Application: Eclipse/LibGDX

Language: Java

Team Size: 4

Created: 2014

Challenge your reflexes as you tap away to navigate the line along it's path. Simple though it sounds the difficulty quickly increases and you'll need to hold out under the ever increasing pressure. Levels will vary in style as you play through the traditional Arcade mode. Or see how long you can last in the Classic mode.

This was the first released project from Greedy Gull Studios. Development was shared amongst all 4 members each of which assisted with the design, programming and deployment of the title. We chose LibGDX as the Java framework in which to develop the game due to the proposed multiplatform capabilities of the framework. Unfortunately during development Apple introduced their Swift programming language for all devices which was not compatible with the LibGDX framework at the time. Thus an IOS version of the app was never released.

Greedy Gull Studios are still looking into re-creating the game from scratch within Unity to ensure release on all mobile devices as originally intended.


Android app on Google Play

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