The WHODUNIT Mystery and the artificial intelligence PADMA that solved the case

A sci-fi murder mystery short listed for the Tranzfuser Fund 2016. Developed in 3 months using Unity/C#/Ink.


Platform: PC

Application: Unity

Language: C#/Ink

Team Size: 7

Created: 2016

Whodunit Padma? Is a story driven, detective investigation game for PC.

In a decadent, socially networked, future society, a murder takes place aboard a space cruise ship. The player takes on the role of the AI controlling the ship: ICMS Padma. By interacting with a cast of eccentric characters through a deep tactical dialogue system, and scanning the scene with a collection of instruments, the player must follow leads, discover clues and utilise a range of upgrades to find out whodunit.

The project was completed by the newly formed Ludic Gulls who were selected among 17 other teams from across the UK. Whodunit Padma was designed and developed for the Tranzfuser fund within 3 months before being showcased at the UK's largest gaming event, EGX 2016. All assets were handcrafted by our talented artist Jacob Gamm used all sorts of mixed media. The world, characters and dialogue were designed by our creative writer Giovanni Rubino and designers Tim Phillips/Roman Ohlendorf. Finally the programming and development was split between the Greedy Gull guys; Joseph Loe, Marcus Brooks and myself.


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