Hi. I'm Matej Navara.

I aspire towards awesome software development, whacky creative design and funky technological wonders.

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A bit about me

I'm a location independent developer assisting those in need of tech solutions by day and creating weird/wonderful (usually game related) projects by night. You'll find me working remotely from a coffee shop, office or co-working space near you... or not so near you. Regardless I am eager to help in a variety of fields.

Industry Experience

avatar Radish Ltd.

Technical Director

Nov 2017 - Present

Contracting remotely within web/app/software development and consultancy.

Radish Tech Solutions are able to accept varying size contracts from companies and individuals alike. These contracts can involve any combination of consulting, design, development, hosting or maintenance for websites, web apps, mobile apps or bespoke software.

avatar Feedr

React Developer

Mar 2018 - Sep 2020

Software development within a small team on a fast growing food tech startup. Full stack development on a PERN stack project. As well as React Native development of iOS/Android app.

avatar Solirius Consulting

Software Engineer

May 2016 - Nov 2017

Software development across a number of private and public sector projects. I have experienced projects at all stages of their lifecycle from inital design and MVP builds to large scale enterprise solutions with high MAU.

As well as development I have held various responsibilities including leading projects, meeting external clients and running agile processes as a scrum-master.

avatar Greedy Gull Studios

Game Developer

Sep 2013 - Oct 2016

An independent app development studio creating cross-platform games for PC, Android and web. Our shared roles involved everything from initial conceptualisation/design to programming/testing and finally deployment and ongoing marketing/support.

Our games were predominantly developed in LibGDX (Java) or Unity (C#).

avatar Ideal Ltd.

Service Analyst

Feb 2014 - Sep 2015

Monitoring Cisco network and telephony systems, primarily supporting P&O Ferries as well as other B2B clients. Providing first line support to analyse the priority/severity of any given incident and react accordingly.

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